Checking-in attendees

Make event day check-ins simple and painless

How do I check-in attendees?

You can use the free MogoTix apps to scan tickets and check-in attendees, or check-in attendees by name through your event page. To use the app, point the camera at the QR Code on the ticket until it beeps and confirms the ticket was read. To manually check-in attendees, go to your event page, click on “Attendees”, and click “Check in” next to the applicable attendee.

Can I have multiple ticket scanners?

Absolutely. Simply add Assistants to your account and be sure they have the MogoTix app on their mobile device. Assistants can have full account access or check-in attendees only. Add Assistants by visiting "My account" and clicking “My assistants”. For checking-in attendees, make sure each Assistant has downloaded the MogoTix app on their mobile device.

Do I need good lighting to scan tickets?

No—in fact, you don't need any lighting at all. The backlit screen from the attendee's mobile phone will provide more than enough light to scan tickets.

Do I need an Internet connection to scan tickets?

Yes, a Wi-Fi or cellular connection is required to scan tickets.

If I use multiple ticket scanners, will they sync automatically?

No. You'll need to hit the “Refresh” button on your screen to sync check-ins.

Still have questions?

We're here to help. Send an email to [email protected] or call 1-539-MOGOTIX.