Attending an event?

Everything you need to know to make your MogoTix ticketing experience a breeze

How do I use a MogoTix ticket?

Find the text message we sent to your mobile device. Tap on the link to open your ticket. Show it at the door so it can be scanned to confirm entry. That’s it!

I never received my ticket or receipt.

Contact the event organizer who can easily resend your ticket or receipt. If you still don't receive it, please contact us.

I don't have a mobile phone or it can't open a ticket.

If you don’t have a mobile device or it is unable to open your ticket, simply bring a government-issued photo ID to the event and the attendant at the door will be able to look you up by name. If you don’t have a mobile device, enter a landline phone number when purchasing tickets.

How do I request a refund for my ticket?

Visit the event page where you bought your ticket, and click "Contact the organizer" in the upper left corner to request a refund.

(Since MogoTix does not host events, we cannot process refunds on behalf of event organizers.)

What do I need to receive a MogoTix ticket?

You need a mobile device that can receive text messages.

(Text messaging or data fees may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.)

Will MogoTix sell or share my mobile phone number?

MogoTix gives your mobile number to our text message provider in order to deliver your ticket, but we don't sell or share mobile numbers with event organizers, advertisers, marketers, salespeople, or any other third parties. Period.

Still have questions?

We're here to help. Send an email to [email protected] or call 1-539-MOGOTIX.