We're MogoTix

We do ticketing like you've never seen before

What does MogoTix do?

MogoTix offers simple and affordable mobile ticketing for events of any size. Whether it's a party, concert, fundraiser, or conference, MogoTix makes it easy to create and publish an event page to sell and distribute tickets, all for a low monthly service fee (that’s right, no per ticket charges!).

Say goodbye to attendance lists, paper tickets, and long lines. MogoTix sends event tickets directly to attendees’ mobile devices via text message. With the free MogoTix apps, event organizers scan tickets quickly and easily using a mobile device to efficiently manage attendees.

Our history and how we got the idea

The developers of MogoTix are event organizers too and know that the real trouble comes on the day of the event. Few attendees ever bring their tickets to an event, so organizers have to verify each person on an attendance list. Lines build up. Some people claim to have registered and paid, even though they aren't on the list, and ultimately, people are allowed in who probably shouldn't be.

So an idea was hatched to make mobile tickets easy for everyone to use. At some point, somebody called it "mobile tickets to-go," and since "Motixgo" sounded awkward, we simply called it "MogoTix."

Why MogoTix?

• Low monthly service fees enables you to easily create an event page, promote your event, sell ticket, and manage attendance
• No per ticket charges, the same low monthly fee no matter how many tickets you sell!
• Create and support multiple events at a time with one simple monthly fee

• No long-term contracts

What do our customers say?

"Our event sold out 400 tickets in less than 30 minutes, and MogoTix was super reliable during the ticketing and registration process."

— Chris McCann

Founder, StartupDigest